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Errors committed at microbiology diagnostic laboratories may lead to judicial actions. Here we discuss the importance of prudence, diligence and expertise to the prevention of these demands. We used the diagnostic of diphtheria as model and discussed the error possibilities through its fases, examining the necessity of microbial identification beyond genus. We analysed the practical results published in specialized scientific journals – in Brazil and abroad – by the National Reference Center for Diphtheria created in the decade of 80 by the Ministry of Health and located at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Rio de Janeiro State University. Thus, we found the orientations to higher precision in the diagnostic of this disease. Such orientations were directed to Public Health Laboratories and reached both social and legal aspects in a tangential way. We could write down the hindrances and problems linked to the prevention of epidemic outbreaks and also the solutions to qualify and improve the skills of the professionals involved in this biomedical practice, where imprudence, negligence and unskilfulness must be extirpated.

Key- words: Medical Microbiology, Bioethics, Biolaw.

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